Making the Shell Cupboard Door

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_srlupdy4akg6qdgbhv.jpg

    Connecticut Shell Top Corner Cupboard. The ninth Shell Top from my shop since 1984

  • craig_farrow_furniture_gnfw2yn9fdpm8kwhaa.jpg

    1) Shell Cupboard Door

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_rhzsmbdnd7j9pqvfcw.jpg

    Combined Images of my sash plane

  • craig_farrow_furniture_xktlzn8pgjwkd9nycf.jpg

    Shell Cupboard Door

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_l8n793bzws6f5ydxcj.jpg

    Making pins

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_qfmefu6ksrwwvj9v82.jpg

    Sawing the slip mortise pocket for the slip tenon on the door stiles

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_nkfsbbfuhdwczjypyp.jpg

    The tenon on the arch for the door stile

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_wvd8hfp9almmtxgzjb.jpg

    The tenon on the arch for the door stile

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_pntrblk8wm5stv76xn.jpg

    Using a mortise chisel-

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_usaj8ftlgdwr3xyz4t.jpg

    Sawing and chiseling the slip mortise pocket for the slip tenon

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_nk97auqcohwtb32nqp.jpg

    Chopping the end grain -

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_5u3dzf2xypxasnszhr.jpg

    Carving the inside radius of the arch that matches the muntin profile on the door stile

  • craig_farrow_furniture_tqsyqjafnoxrk9wfsp.jpg

    The muntin profile on the arch

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_racp6keryfntbxwgmw.jpg

    First and last step of quarter round carving

  • craig_farrow_furniture_gpamkg3tfxfhnsr9pa.jpg

    Carved curved moulding above the shell

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_gsqkzo8tw69tyvwsdj.jpg

    Curved moulding above the shell

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_jwacsek4nyrq689oqv.jpg

    Two alternate views. The right side picture shows the first cuts.

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_jgof2cpkmbayuq43tq.jpg

    Combined images showing the steps

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_wlag6yph9jgxsmjxsy.jpg

    Rosettes : This cupboard required ten

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_nwvjshqboyt7gtu5pa.jpg

    Carving the Rosettes