Making an Arched Panel Door

  • doubledoor_mskxhv2.jpg

    Connecticut River Valley Double Arched Panel Doors and entryway 2016

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_sacokjbn5wqvyqhx4r.jpg

    The Civil War era door, and removed

  • combined_img_0960_rcnuhax.jpg

    The original door, just this one survived

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_npdz69sacg3hbnfejf.jpg

    The wood

  • img_1030_pjbwngu.jpg


  • img_1033_w3efrsa.jpg

    Panels and rails for both doors

  • combined_img_1048_jecdp8b.jpg

    Marking and sawing the tenons

  • img_1040_mqgwb78.jpg

    Chopping the mortises in the door stiles

  • img_1065_kd3h5pw.jpg

    Cutting the thumbnail bead to receive the middle stile tenon with the cope

  • img_1067_63c2ujn.jpg

    2nd in sequence

  • img_1068_6ykwwa7.jpg

    3rd in sequence

  • img_1070_dltvxrm.jpg

    4th in sequence

  • craig_farrow_furniture_htqwervbl7wpxf4dhb.jpg

    The coped thumbnail bead

  • craig_farrow_furniture_gr5v9z3qndbdez8fap.jpg

    The tenon coming together

  • craig_farrow_furniture_nbeyhcj3gkz5glxkmd.jpg

    The overlap

  • craig_farrow_furniture_myzjlrhtnvrafhc6qz.jpg

    The plough joynt

  • craig_farrow_furniture_tp8cgcflwdbjj7yxmb.jpg

    Shaping and carving the double arch stiles

  • craig_farrow_furniture_pjxqq6vdz7jo8barmh.jpg

    Expanded view of the double arched stile

  • craig_farrow_furniture_z5pc3ysufgry2nx9da.jpg

    Carving the inside radius of the arch

  • craig_farrow_furniture_qybu4cwq36zltcjohd.jpg

    Radius nearly finished carving

  • craig_farrow_furniture_dx9rxkekaj8sv3pjwl.jpg

    Paring the shoulder

  • craig_farrow_furniture_b4fztmj2xdw8xmdskn.jpg

    Raised panel making. Three shoulder or rabbit planes I use

  • craig_farrow_furniture_z4asqrywwcuaz5myhp.jpg

    My ruler since 1972

  • craig_farrow_furniture_d7kcw5msldcbxzjzqe.jpg

    The finished end

  • craig_farrow_furniture_rrqm8eog2ubamndnvj.jpg

    The drawing , cutting and shaping of the arches

  • craig_farrow_furniture_aagsmqp7fvgzuqvcjh.jpg

    A few more details

  • craig_farrow_furniture_gtbnlbnxprqtc32ufx.jpg

    Scoring the panel outline

  • craig_farrow_furniture_twhyvkysqafaxd6wrz.jpg

    Using the drawknife

  • craig_farrow_furniture_o8gvbwxbatqjvusk37.jpg

    The finished arch

  • craig_farrow_furniture_mtywsdugrnzf3mnyk2.jpg


  • craig_farrow_furniture_pkg3bgz7wqrxm6yhs9.jpg

    All set

  • combined_craig_farrow_furniture_js5frtwsbevmukm78n.jpg


  • craig_farrow_furniture_ljfn32pbky6v7tgnx9.jpg

    Splitting pins

  • craig_farrow_furniture_8qz6khwncbvm9xj2sv.jpg

    The sill

  • craig_farrow_furniture_yswp4nc5qrg7v6fdwe.jpg

    Finished and painted