EXhibit:"The First Thirty Years"
EXhibit:"The First Thirty Years"

A Brewster Armchair, MMA, New York. 1640-1680. 1986.

A table with drawer, 1690 to 1710, replica of the original at Greenfield Village. 1997.

A desk box in old wood, using 17th century Wethersfield, Ct. chest motifs. 1992.

A Four Heart, Heart & Crown Armchair from Norwalk Ct. 1730-1740, from the collection of Lillian Cogan. 1981.

A unique Heart & Crown Armchair, 1730-1740, also owned by Lillian Cogan with an upside-down heart in the crown and horn shaped crest. 1981.

Lillian Cogan was a respected and well known collector and antiques dealer who helped form many collections including Historic Deerfield, and was a friend of the Flynts. One of her memorable expressions was" The things I regret the most are the things I didn't buy". She had a great eye!