Shell Top Corner Cupboard, circa 1760
Shell Top Corner Cupboard, circa 1760

This Shell Top Corner Cupboard is shown in Wallace Nutting's Furniture Treasury #530. I used 18th century white pine on the front to match the original raised paneled wainscoting, and new white pine inside, for a circa 1760 home in Southington, Ct. I used old glass, hinges and nails. 1984. Southington, Ct.

Rosettes and flowers are a common carving on these cupboards outside and inside. I can't leave an open or appropriate space without one, where none existed, and no client has refused them.

These shell carvings are a signature, and wonderful. Sometimes there's the opportunity to include one when none existed, as was the case with the Rose House cupboard at Yale. Fun times!

The interior shelves are concave with a circular porringer in the center, small to large, top to bottom, with a plate groove carved in the back of each shelf, and the edge is moulded. These moulded edge shapes vary and are all carved, unless it is simple radius.